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STEPSKI SOKO DOO is a company which is exclusively engaged in the production and traffic of buckshot hunting ammunition, the elements for buckshot ammunition, as well as the production of film ammunition, and it meets the special requirements of of a customer and it provides all the effects of the film ammunition of different calibre.

The company was founded in 1993, and it has not changed the production line, its name or headquarters.

The special work and effort is put into its own construction of "single" shot for hunting of the biggest European game, as the "original" HAWK in silver and gold version for instance, and TWIN BALLS, hard "soft" projectile DIABOLO, IPSC single projectile for short distances, etc.

The company is equally devoted to the production of buckshot cartridges in the plastic case, as well as the paper case. Moreover, these cases are 70 and 65 mm long.

The everyday testing of the complete production and the verification of the elements are performed on the company’s own shooting range and by using its own equipment. Just next to its factory, the company owns a carbine shooting range which is one hundred metres long, as well as the "American" shooting range.

The prices of the products and services are quite affordable, and as for the larger quantities, agreements are possible to reach.